Review “Mignonette Ship”

I once wrote about the Mignonette Ship once on Facebook, when the surviving crew members were forced to make a decision, that they would eat little Richard (now only left throbbing) for survival and waiting for the lifeboat. After being successfully rescued, these crew members were sentenced to death, but surely everyone will ask themselves a question: in the face of our own death, will we do it or not, yes Are you willing to sacrifice one person to save all the others? Similar is the story of Carneades Plank.

Last month, I read a long story about a very unique life view conveyed in pictures called “Nene’s 8 Days”. In it, I do remember a part of the author saying that, with just a few thousand years, we humans have evolved, developed, and transformed the earth so much because we have something different from the rest of the world. Other animals: ambition. I do not disagree with the author, but I personally think that ambition only helps us to constantly develop, but what makes humans still exist after so many times can only be cowardice. We know how to be afraid of natural disasters, we fear from diseases, we know how to hesitate before we start wars …

Cowardice, which is still flowing evenly in each of us.

Also in the previous month, after the exam was completed, I did not dare go out on vacation, just stayed at home waiting for the results of the dormitory. And on March 20, which is only a dozen days left until I have to check out now, I got the result that I (again) don’t have a dorm room for the next term. I informed my housemates, extremely sadly, even mocking to Julia, “If I still can’t find a house in April, everyone will let me stay in the kitchen temporarily into ‘Asian Chicore’! ” (Chicore is a Nigieria who was allowed to live in the kitchen by his German friends, but gets kicked out for a week because he can only lie down and smoke a rod all day). I thought so, since there is little time left to find another room in Freiburg.

However, in the last week of March, when I went to the Student Council to meet Mr. Divora – the manager of the entire dormitory, because he got used to me, he said that, there was a dorm room with no recipients, And Mr. Divora will give me that room if I agree. Everything about the new room is fine, except that it is very far away from where I am now, which means I will have to break up with my old housemates. I asked Divora if there was any other room, but he just shook his head and said, “If you don’t take this room, well, I’ll leave it to someone from now until the end of the month.”

And my cowardice won. I have a lot of reasons: I don’t want my family to worry, want to settle down early this term to avoid going to school but still don’t have a home like before, want to take a breather somewhere, … but I know deep down. that, regardless of whether I talked about my own spirit or fidelity, in a crucial moment, I still grabbed the Cerneades plank.

I was just sad, and I remembered the saying “The day before the day you were born was the last day you were truly free.” The crew on board Mignonette agreed to eat Richard because he was the only one who did not bear a burden of responsibility on his family.

We are all cowardly with heavy relationships on human shoulders.

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