El Mañana by Julia…

One of the songs that Julia liked and played a lot in the kitchen of the house was Gorillaz’s El Mañana, the rare song I could sit back (pretend) to sing with her. Immersed in the melody of the song, in my mind, I recreated its MV like slow-motion movies, mumbling and singing along the lyrics for many years.

I remember the middle school days, many days spent all day at home watching MTV, and then when I met a song I liked, I asked someone who had the internet to print the lyrics, or even ride my bicycle to his house. copy the lyrics to the notebook. Then he sat watching MTV all day, waited until the song was replayed, then pulled out his notebook and sang like crazy. Without making up until 10th grade, my family had internet, I gave up the habit of sitting and watching MTV all day, and also gave up the habit of sitting and copying lyrics in the notebook too. What more, when you want to listen to any song, go to youtube or download it to your computer, if you want to know what lyrics, search online, isn’t that much more convenient?

But also from high school, I no longer memorized the lyrics of a song, or remember every scene of a music video clearly.

El Mañana’s music video is very special, just like the Gorillaz band itself. Because they operate as a virtual band, the band members are depicted with cartoon characters, and the music videos are also animated videos with related content in each other. a world of these characters. El Mañana follows the story of Feel Good Inc, when Noodle – the guitar girl of the band – is enjoying life on a windmill island amidst the vast sky when attacked by two fighters. The island was bombed to the bottom of the abyss, almost synonymous with Noodle’s death. The MV is also suitable for the content of the song, with lyrics imbued with pain when life has lost the most important thing.

After listening to Julia once finished, returning to my room, I involuntarily open the youtube video to find El Mañana’s MV to watch and think again. But the most interesting thing is that below the youtube comment, just a few hours, a few days ago, there were still viewers asking about Noodle’s fate. There is also no shortage of response comments, that Noodle has escaped death, reappeared in the MV On Melancholy Hill in 2010 and is on the way to reunite with the group. They are also looking forward to Gorillaz’s next album (rumored to come out in 2016) that will continue the story, and answer questions surrounding Noodle’s fate.

I find it both funny and happy, when there are people, still looking forward to worrying about the fate of a virtual character in a music music video decades ago. But thinking is not difficult to understand at all. It was like something, even if it was dropped from a height of thousands of meters, even if it was buried under tons of bombs, no matter how long it happened … if you hadn’t seen it with your own eyes, it would be dead. Anyone, more or less, will have hope, will also misunderstand or themselves that there is still hope in the future.

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