“Fading” by Mr. Quoc Bao

A song that both her and I like, it is “Fading” by musician Quoc Bao. The day she mentioned this song, I spent an entire afternoon listening again, listening frantically to fill the emptiness in my heart, to suppress the insecure feelings. One afternoon the wind began to stir, the sun had already started to yellow, the clear signs of the last day of summer. Back then, deep down in my heart, I realized that my summer was preparing for “Fading”.

We all listen to the song “Fading” performed by Le Hieu, and although I have been very passionate about listening to Le Hieu’s music, up to now I have to admit that he is the worst performer of this song, compared to the ‘girls. Poetry ‘by musician Quoc Bao. The remix “Fading” by Le Hieu has quite a thick harmony, creating an old and flexible space, with quite clear intentions. But only that. The voice that seemed to match the sad love songs of Le Hieu did not match very well. Listening to him singing “Fading” felt so sad, I felt really hurt, but still felt that sadness was too round, too ‘real ‘to change the person of a don juan like Lê Hiếu. Just a love has “Fading”, like a hundred of his other love only.

The person I think best performing “Fading” is not Mai Khoi but Nguyen Ha, the girl who sings the tea room that musician Quoc Bao ‘unearths’. Musicians like the way Nguyen Ha sings completely naturally, not on the ribs. With “Fading” too, just with the same rustic guitare, she sang about this love story as if it was a wind in the beginning of autumn, relieved and comfortable. Hearing her drop the words “that’s all”, “hello” softly like dropping white clouds in every space, yet filled with love.

In the album “4” recently released by musician Quoc Bao, the number 4 represents the 4 ‘muses’ he was invited to sing in this album. Some people are new, some old, some are successful, some are immature, but somehow the bonus track of the album is Bi Khuc, the ‘primitive’ version of “Fading” under the representation of a name. Strange is Dan Hy. The melody is the same, just different in lyrics. The lyrics in Bi Khuc is Quoc Bao’s most sincere mood, before honed into “Fading”. In it are “white bones”, “bloody blood”, “broken souls” … sounding painful to the heart. But as musician Quoc Bao once confided, he was not a man of pessimism and despair. As a result, Bi Khuc has become “Fading”.

We are the outcasts of the times, able to live forever in the sadness of a going nowhere. However, it is difficult to accept “Fading” calmly, when you have a sense of it coming. We find ways to fix, to delay, to try to hold on to what is about to be out of reach, but we forget that the right thing to do is to live to the present. Because, “Fading” story is like the first wind, there is no way to change it.

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