Constellations by Tom Odell – Looking up at the stars

I was going to write a review for the new album ‘Wrong Crowd’ by Tom Odell, because it was really surprising with this album. Dinh ninh is that this album will still follow the direction of his debut album ‘Long Way Down’: focusing on pop-rock songs with a little soul and blue, the mix of mixes is extremely minimal to highlight the thick voice. Tom’s special with the piano sound. But I was mistaken, the album ‘Wrong Crowd’ was a daring step forward, and Tom Odell made no secret of this with two opening singles: ‘Wrong Crowd’ with all the electronic sounds and the real ‘Magnetised’. It’s a piece of music you can sing along to in the club. The rest of the album doesn’t lack the same surprises: ‘Silhouette’ has a ’80s disco vibe and a super catchy hook, or a little old but new slowrock in’ Jealousy ‘… you can listen to one. This album does not feel heavy or boring like the previous album.

However, I also realized (in a fit of laziness) two things: one is writing a review and no ghost read it, the other is just like the two recent heavyweight albums of Radiohead and James Blake, the track makes me come back. the most in a great album is the simplest, but packed with the most emotions. In the album ‘Wrong Crowd’, I will not hesitate to choose ‘Constellations’ – when Tom Odell returns to his original style, sitting at the piano, singing his most earnest calls.

Up until now, every time I hear Tom Odell sing the first two lines of the chorus (“It’s the same old constellation / The stars up in the sky”) I still shiver at the amount of emotion in my heart. It is a sad sadness that is as long as ever, override a burning hope. Towards the bridge, when Tom Odell was in a hurry as if his life were only seconds, he called out the girl’s name, expressing the anxiety in his heart that he could not suppress his intense emotions (” But I was just terrified, terrified, I feel it in my stomach ”). And then realizes that love has turned that worry – a flock of butterflies buzzing in the night – flying into the night sky. Only the sobs of joy remained like a wave in her heart (“They’re gone, they’re gone, they’re gone”).

It is not difficult to write down your feelings and someone will empathize with it. However, if there is a daughter who will read everything you write, even if it’s the blandest on earth, and make every experience new, it’s something that can keep you looking for a lifetime. Is it worth it? It is worthwhile, if the night constellations, it seems that every night is completely different when leaning on someone. And that girl, also finding something special in you, in your ruined world, stays there.

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