The first rule of fight club: clown, sorry for the violation already.

In the novel that I have written and incomplete, I mentioned a ‘game’ in Game Theory about an employer that if 100 candidates come to interview him in turn, he after interviewing. each person can only choose or skip, and if one has passed, it is not possible to hire that person. The problem is, how much should he stop at, when he feels that he is superior to all the people before it? This is a ‘game’ with a complete calculation, but assuming the other 100 are women who will pass through your life, do you know how much you should stop at?
Or will you be like me, when you love everyone with all your heart it feels like ‘can’t live without her’, and then every time you fail, it’s a heartbreaking moment to come back to life, and then wait for the moment. time does its magic, then the loop goes on.

After coming here, I noticed that one of the luckiest and most wonderful things I had (ever) had was a drinking table, with a dozen young men in the worst age of a man. We drank, then talked about things we couldn’t tell anyone, then drank again, and then continued to tell.

Around my friends, there was someone who advised me, one laughed, and one who lost his eyes because he drank until he had run out of canned wine, he was also relieved and then went home. The next morning I went back to work, teach, go to school, sing … as usual, nothing happened.

The number one rule of the table: what happens at the table stays in the table.

Craving for that feeling too. In addition, I want to join a guild like fight club. Enter, just think about one thing: hit, or get hit. To feel the adrenaline still running in my veins, to know that I am still alive, to live for myself and not for anyone else

The number one rule of fight club: clown, sorry for the violation already.

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