One morning, my mother called and said my dad had a cerebral hemorrhage while he was exercising in the morning.
I frantically drove home and took my dad to Hanoi, where I live for medical examination, because I believe with very good medical equipment and good doctors, everything will be much better.
It is true that my father’s condition is getting better every day, but daily spending of up to a few million also makes me weary and under pressure. Two months later, my father insisted on leaving the hospital. I disagree. I know dad is sorry for money. But my father told me in a stubborn, resolute voice: “The rest of the treatment is only rehabilitation, he will be able to practice on his own at home.”
I drove my father back to my hometown and back to the city. My tears kept flowing. My parents are getting old faster than I thought. I am starting to understand that filial piety is also measured by money sometimes. Because only when you have a lot of money will you not be helpless when your parents or relatives need your help.
If you have never borrowed money to buy a home, you will not know how important money is. If a loved one in your family has never experienced a serious illness, you will not know life without money. If you have not gone through the years working with a monthly salary of 8 million VND, you will not know what to make a lot of money for.
So, why do we need to make so much money when we are young? Although those youthful years were not enjoyed by play. But one day, you have enough confidence to say that I can live a better life, you also have the confidence to say to your loved ones: “Don’t be afraid, there are children here”.
Don’t try to pretend you don’t like money, work harder instead. We strive to earn money to serve ourselves and to not feel helpless when loved ones are in trouble and need our help.
Source: Collector
I would love to read these “wandering” articles, although sometimes it doesn’t suit me. 😞. My father has a lot of money, so I kept telling me not to be too busy making money, my dear, I can’t take care of it myself, waiting for you to make money, I must die … because of such a father, so I kept wondering why The pressure is just a boy ??? Parents who have a lifetime to accumulate should be a few times richer than me?

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