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There was a Monk, after practicing for a while, told his brothers that I had attained … But when I met Canh-Tran, I saw doubtful fluctuations, immediately went to ask Tathagata.
(The beauty of Buddhism is that in doubt, I like this Buddhist game here, you can escape from your wife to Do Son, you can go to thiendia to watch xxx, and still be able to tell your brothers and sisters that you are me. attained, no one knows, only your mind knows, but it will doubt.ahihi So it doesn’t matter whether or not it is important, my mind knows that is enough. ).
Tathagata said that it was the upper Sangha, not attained but said to be attained …. this part, you find yourself in Law Ma Ha Tang Ky. Honestly, I am also ignorant and a bit lazy to read, so I do not dare to quote correctly.
What is enlightenment? It’s different from real-life games, it’s not a degree you get when you graduate … that only you know. It is a sweet or bitter fruit, only the witness can know and taste.
If this is all simple, it is true that sitting down to carry firewood carrying water, according to the world, is also comfortable in human life, but having to light the torch on your own, it is very difficult.
Tathagata with His Wisdom, has chosen skillful means or the Dharma according to each person. There is no one way to learn for everyone, all of them are the basic teachings, the rest must find a suitable method for themselves. Those who love scriptures just go ahead and find the scriptures, feel free to, but don’t be attached to it. People who like to freely relax, practice and go out, it’s okay, in this life, then in the next life …. For a fool, when teaching the Dharma, they will find a simple way to teach, who are self-centered. than others, they will enter the advanced course.
A couple of sketchy lines, may you disobey but think that you are judging anyone, anything, joyful and peaceful to all of us.
Male model Amitabha Buddha

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