Nocturne & Coral Sea

This November in Germany is a rather misleading time. It is true that streetlights have been decorated and the sea shimmering in the middle of the month, and about a week later the Weihnachtsmarkt Christmas market is open, but maybe it’s just like a warm run for the holiday season. Noel year end. Also partly because the weather this month is going to be crazy, it would be better to let the snow fall look sparkling, but the street is less shy, or a little warmer, it is easy to dress nice but less clothes in heavy outerwear. But no, the temperatures frequently stayed close to zero, accompanied by heavy rains all day and gray skies.

I work in the supermarket sometimes and sometimes see the frustrated shaking of the managers because the sales are so bad, and even following the US ‘Black Friday’ doesn’t save much (but actually Everyone in Germany knows that Black Friday is bad here, it’s just a good sale, and a big sale must be after Noel). It all comes together to form a somewhat dull scene, and in the flow of emotionless ice-rider behind massive coats, everyone would want November to be over quickly.
I am also not a foreigner.

Earlier this month, I received word of the wedding of a girl I had been pursuing for most of my high school years. Although I ‘slightly’ knew it would happen sooner or later, but really was very surprised by his total indifference upon hearing that news. Not a bit of fun, not even a sad ripple, it was as if a stone had sunk in silence immediately when thrown onto the vast lake surface. Surprisingly, because this is the first person I’ve come to know about the feeling of being so-so-so-so-so that ‘love of someone more than myself.

I have known her since 10th grade, when I had just had a catastrophic first love, and at the same time, I felt that life was so bad when I accidentally learned about my parents’ mess, learning the guitar and studying at the Ly team. are extremely depressed and not inspiring at all. Incidentally, I accepted the invitation of a friend to tutor Physics and Math for a girl in grade 9, and then all of a sudden, in the afternoons, the team came to tutor. Rare source of joy in a day. And I knew I fell in love with her, the day she told me her story… went to prison. It sounds funny, but at that moment I thought exactly that this girl was really good, and I couldn’t imagine if she married someone else. Oh, just thinking about it and I felt like dying.

Yet, the years passed. It was a decade later, and now I look uneasy at her wedding photos. Is it just the thought that time really works (or knows where it is harmful)?

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