Wish to be a fish on a rainy day…

Recently on the pages of ‘romantic words’, there is often an article asking if you remember the girl who was with you at the age of 17, that the feelings at 17 years old were so pure and precious. . I’m not sure about a brief romance with a girl that year (by the way, she is still on my current Facebook friends list lol), but to talk about pure love quality without a hint of selfishness, reminds me of another person. It is “you”, who rarely appears in my writings, the girl who has been with me during the ‘worst years of a man’: when preparing to graduate from college until the time. Toddlers go to practice and then go to work.

That period of time, not compared to the carefree days of the age of 17, when we had to live by reason so much in the middle of our lives just waiting to hit the face of storms. Yet, she has never made me doubt even for a moment about her love for her. I still remember, the first buffet I invited her with part of my first month’s salary was after half a year in love. Certainly, no one loves me more than you, no matter what time it is not long or short walk together. Sadly, what you get back is not so adequate.
I still remember a little bit from a rare happy case in the Conan story a long time ago, when Conan saw Haibara release a small fish he could catch. He said that would be fine, but Haibara should immerse her hand in the water before touching the fish and release it back into the sea, because the human body temperature is much higher than the fish, which will burn the fish. . In the end, the always melancholy girl Haibara suddenly understood the mood of a small fish, before the burning warm feelings of “Class 1B Detectives” and Dr. Agasa.

Maybe because I have received so much about me to ‘taking for granted’ her love, maybe because I’m still in a mess with my immediate plans, maybe because I’m not used to receiving love. hearty to “burn” like that.

But today, one last rainy day in Germany, I crave the most attention, crave as a small fish.

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