L`Artisan’s Scent

On the morning of his birthday, it was raining cool, pondering for a while and then chose Tea For Two, a delicious, warm and delicious tea scent from the L`Artisan family before heading to a German class. Suddenly jumping into the classroom they have been familiar with for a long time should have been a very bad experience (like the school at Goethe), but watching the children laugh at each other, discussing the plan. At the weekend, Yen Tu also suddenly felt happy and warm.

After school, rain has stopped, golden sunshine has stopped on the small streets in Hai Phong. When the car drove back, I did not understand why I turned into a road that should not turn the most. I know that her house is on this street, in a very accidental way when during a viber text message with each other, her location appears here. End. At that time, I tried to inquire about the exact address of the house, but she insisted on hiding it. Maybe she had pre-planned the day when I was forced to forget about her.

Knowing the address of the house, whether hanging around like a stubborn bastard (or a sick stalker) makes it harder for people to get out of their minds.

But I caught a glimpse of her home address by chance on Facebook a few weeks ago. It is accidental, the coincidence is contingent. I kept walking down the street, turning into the alley at the address above, so leisurely so unconscious. Passing the number of houses at the address I got, I glanced briefly, then involuntarily let out a sigh when the door was shut and shut. Then, when I turned the car, I again experienced the feeling of dipping my heart on the ocean floor, suffocating.

How long has it been since I’ve seen her with my own eyes?

I’m not superstitious, but from that moment I believed, Tea For Two – as the name suggests – is capable of reuniting. The first time I used this scent, I received a healing message for the seemingly irreversible broken love that very night, and was scheduled to meet at Ding Tea. And today is the second time.

I suddenly remembered those summer days when she went to the movies, she often texted me saying, “Let me buy milk tea and drink.” Can not forget the milk tea cups, “hidden” in a bag brought into the theater, the smell of a strange summer day. Can not forget, the feeling of just sitting two empty seats away from her in the theater, and seeing two cups of milk tea on the arm of her chair with the person next to her.

“Toxic and poisonous”, this sentence I often say when drinking, but think, drinking tea is no different. Whether it is iced tea, milk tea, or the special tea cups of smoke, when we are near the age of heaven, look back through the tea smoke thoughtfully.

It is important to be together.

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