Next to the storm…wish to touch the sun.

A couple of weeks ago, when I had just finished my exam and was preparing my belongings to play, there was also a huge storm in the North. I wonder if it was an ironic accident or not, but right on the day of the storm, I also felt a huge difference in the way of talking of the girl I was pursuing, from extremely cheerful master. movement turned into obvious cold indifference. I don’t know what I said or did wrong. It should not be thought that it is something too big to be bothered, but maybe because of the ‘bird is afraid of twisted branches’, there is something unsettling from the storm, especially when looking through the door frame. The book also found dense dark clouds. It was as though the future of one thing had not yet begun.

The city of Freiburg where I live has a very gentle climate, but somehow it was pouring rain that day, exactly in the afternoon when I rode my bicycle to a supermarket far away on the outskirts of the city to buy gifts for everyone. people at home. Wearing a backpack over ten pounds not to mention the ‘gifted’ rain soaked heavily on his shoulder, the rain that splashed on his face constantly blurred all his glasses, but kept himself awake. The question is still resounding continuously, doesn’t it show that more and more disadvantaged interest?

If I kept following my ‘principles’, maybe I could have lengthened things better, or at least not got head-to-toe wet rain like this (just run to the opposite supermarket. the house is finished picking up a few items).


Finished thinking, I am still the same, but in the first place, I have identified myself as Icarus, then what? Better to stick your head straight into the burning sun and then burn your wings, than never have a line of opportunity

Just like you care a lot about someone, just because you really want to care like burning, not for that person to care again, right?

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