Harold & Maude (1971) and a loving to life…

Last weekend, my German friends could not stand the gloomy atmosphere from me – at that time I stayed indoors, partly because I still blamed myself for the exam, partly because there were 2 in my pocket. Euros can’t go anywhere – so I managed to get me out of the house at midnight ‘to get some air’. I’m also bored with the scene of pretending to be in the house, thinking about it, so I also take my coat with them. They thought they would lead to a certain party in this dormitory while walking, but in the end it was only half right: to another house in the real dorm, but to… kick the bridge in the hallway. Yes, it’s a soccer ball. I was tired of the rock, I brought the beer box I brought, I sang the guitar again, and laughed so hard. Looking back and forth was 3 o’clock in the morning. And they came up with the idea that they went back home, had some meal and then gave them relief and went to a guy’s room to watch a movie. And the movie chosen is Harold & Maude.

Harold & Maude is an old-but-not-old movie from 1971, I don’t know if it was intentional or accidental but chose a movie that was right for me at the time. The movie is about Harold, a boy obsessed with death: he constantly tries all kinds of ways to fake death in front of his mother, making her sick and tired of these ‘pranks’. Harold did not invite but attended all the funerals in town, and he met Maude – a woman 60 years older than him – at one of those funerals.

Then it all started, from the meeting between two people with similar interests to the funeral (this bizarre meeting reminds me of Fight Club, when Jack and Marla also met at the guild for the first time. ‘ testicular cancer ‘) Harold, only eighteen twenty, but was haunted by death because he felt alone in the rich, with a superficial mother. Harold kept faking his death because he realized that the mother only really cared about him when he died. And Maude, an old woman of nearly 80 years old, loves life so carelessly, who always goes to funerals with a bright outfit and yellow umbrella, whose family has all the optimism in life. . Two people, seemingly opposite in every way, lead viewers into the brightest and most wonderful story about life.

The more he talked, the more curious he was about entering the colorful life of Maude, the more wonderful it felt to enjoy life on his own terms. It is the exact opposite of what his mother tries to ‘cure’ his like-to-die disease: to make Harold meet and marry the girls she arranged, or force him to join the army according to his uncle Victor. . Any line, any scene of Maude, is a lesson for the love of life. The most impressive scene to me, was when Harold and Maude sat at a field of white chrysanthemums. Maude wanted himself to become a sunflower, and Harold only recognized himself as one of the wild daisies at their feet. Maude disagrees, saying that every chrysanthemum is different, and it seems that all the grief of this world comes from people like this flower, but let others treat him like a field. the flowers are the same.

The ending movie is also 5am. The drunk Germans also slept all the time, only me and Julia were awake until the end. I go back to my bedroom, but I keep thinking about the movie, about how we live our lives. Like just now, these Germans do all kinds of stupid things and are very childish if you think about them carefully. Geogof was kicking a ball and swinging his cane to smash a beer mug in the middle of the hallway, Joseff, when he got back to the kitchen, excitedly slid back and forth across the skateboard and rammed into a pot of broken bonsai. Singing them, they even jumped out in the middle of the hallway of all kinds of performances … But weren’t they all laughed comfortably and never cared that other people judged themselves such a child or crazy? Isn’t it the best to live like that?

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