REVIEW “The Color In Anything” by James Blake

About 6-7 years ago, when I first started writing notes on Facebook, I wrote a little bit, stemming from my great aversion to couples that just fell in love and talked to each other all the time. the words “forever”. The high school tone was somewhat condescending and annoying, but at the time I thought that the only thing that could last forever was the change of the human race. And especially, I wrote that I wouldn’t be sad, if I never told a girl that I loved her forever.

As the years passed, the arrogance of a youth vanished, only found himself more experienced and absorbed, and then sat singing with James Blake, excited about this forever story.

From the very beginning of the song, James made the same point as I did when I was young, that don’t use the word “forever”, because life is too long, and people’s hearts are fickle. When they first fell deeply in love, everyone thought that the other was their half, but after that? We look out on the street, laugh mockingly when we see new couples who are always together saying first words, the next day they are divided.

But is it true that I don’t want to meet a girl, enough that I want to forget reason, enough for me to say a word from the bottom of my heart, that I will love her forever? Or is it just because the more the experience, the greater the pain, the finite time, makes us no longer dare to dream or make us no longer dare to live with our heart.
James in this song as well as me, once loved a girl more than myself, felt her like everything, felt the way ahead could not be without the other (“Days form like new figures down my road / Each one looks more like you than you know ”). However, they simply don’t feel that way, their own personalities and forms cannot be reconciled (“You always landed on your feet in the dust”). And when she stepped out of my cramped little world, the world was left blank, reminiscent of the past wherever you look. (“While you were away, there was nothing to see / There’s a mirror in my room I never used ”).

In the end of suffering, James Blake wrote down the best lyrics of his career. When he realizes two things, inseparable: the relationship will die, and a girl deserves those slow, slow pain.

Time and experiences make us no longer dare to dream, like birds afraid of curved branches. But if we do not dare to accept the sting, if we do not dare to live like a dreamer, we cannot have a love to say love forever, most fervently.

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