The idea is wonderful.

Remember when you were a child there was a fairy tale Western something with a riddle, that what was the fastest on earth. The answer is thinking, because it takes just a split second for us to be human, and we can move our own ideas through space.

Like the talk from the other day I had with one of her best friends. The fact that she “wants to see me again” is just the subjective thought of that friend. Even meeting each other can happen countless situations, maybe you will sit quietly so you feel bored, maybe you will “watch heaven and earth, drink together a few glasses of beer, listen to some music together … “Then everyone’s way. Yet I do not deny that I was happy again, filled with positive thoughts after reading that line.

It may not be worth it, but I had to give up quite a lot to come to Germany. A very wonderful job, a close girlfriend, a very good life in general, not to mention burning a lot of money from her parents (if you do not study abroad, you plan to buy one Small apartment for me). There have also been many times when I feel a bit discouraged, thinking that if I did not go, life would still be peaceful and comfortable. Then the invisible thing that pulled me back on was the notion of a reunion. Ironically, the most uncertain, at the same time, is the biggest driving force.

The idea is wonderful, but also terrifying.

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