YSL La Nuit (Yves Saint Laurent)

There are many people who say, since the legendary M7 was discontinued, YSL has become completely lack of personality in recent perfumes as they are both dull and less impressive. But I think, YSL La Nuit is a great product, both in terms of form and content

At first, I used to spray La Nuit in the evenings, feeling a bit sad and thoughtful, because I feel in tune with the sensuality of this scent. The cardamom + lavender combo (I especially like the lavender in La Nuit, which is very clear but doesn’t feel loud at all) is a sweet combo that is haunting, and is especially easy to flatten on women. who said that La Nuit was very flattering. I do not think so, because for me, “flattery” should only be used to talk about things that are frivolous, fake and have no personal qualities. YSL La Nuit is different, though this man is inviting, but not free-spirited, not superficial, and how dignified and trustworthy. It is said that nothing makes a man feel more lonely and vulnerable than the night. Men, can be great at work, at the table with their brothers, but when they come home, face the deep night, face the cold room, their heart will surely be heavy. thoughts and emotional longing. Every girl probably wishes to have such a man every night, they don’t need a man who is always rigidly strong, they need more than an affectionate man enjoy the beauty but also mature enough to protect, to rely on. Drydown by YSL La Nuit with cedar and vetiver also does this great, it gives depth, experience to this man. Another thing about La Nuit that I am extremely surprised at is its extremely strong grip, once when I finished showering at night I did a shot of La Nuit on my wrist, and then until the next night, when I was preparing. Entering the bathroom, I smelled there was still a hint of lavender close-to-skin, unbelievable.
My current girlfriend is quite strong, independent and weird that she doesn’t like perfume. I used many different scents to hang out with her, but she criticized it all the time: this one is so sweet, the other is so dark… until a cool evening go for a coffee and I wear YSL La Nuit. Not long since we met, and we are just holding hands, but that night, she sat still in my arms inhaling this scent, as good as a kitten.

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