“Starlight” by Muse

I don’t write much about her, if not say very little. During the time I fell in love, I also expressed my sorrow and anger about it three times. I usually just explain through the loudspeaker to have, firstly because of her straightforward personality, I do not see what to say, but not to stomach; The second is because I know you say that because I am jealous of ‘her’, but not interested in my writing, if I read it, it will not be interesting.

You and I have nothing in common about hobbies, whether it’s the most basic things like movies, music or poetry. Still going to the theater together, but the movies you want to see often make me bored when I hear their names, or movies that make me cry in the theater, you comment briefly “sleepy” or “difficult to understand”. . Sometimes I drag her to listen to live music, but she also doesn’t like to listen to alternative, or holding a bottle of beer standing and dancing along in the middle of a small stage lacking the atmosphere often found in live music pubs in Hanoi.

The first time I invited her to listen to music, she was still in love at that time. There is also an old note I wrote about this, called ‘Starlight’ – the name of Muse’s song at the time.

She wasn’t interested, didn’t even know Coldplay, Radiohead or Muse, but was still here, by my side until these last moments. Starlight is the last song of the show, a song of Muse’s most playful, light-hearted form, and also Muse’s song that I like the most. I sing along, singing out loud, as if this is the ultimate thing coming from my heart at this very moment.

This is also the only time I call her ‘her’ in my writing. Not a mistake, not a secret (lol), but as it is written in that note, I really wish you would become my lover, so that I can leave the past behind. and the next step.

I really want to one day call her ‘her’.

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