Forever Young – Until I became independent, I regretted my youth

Regarding the reasons for deciding to study for a master’s degree in Germany, I also wrote a lot of the early period when I came here. In short, I want to push myself to the extreme, when my entire journey from childhood to now is so flat that I hardly ever have to try. And because there is no habit of trying, constantly relying on your own mind, until you meet the extreme desire, no matter how hard you try, because the limit is just that.

At first I encountered all kinds of incidents, and maybe just as I wanted, have matured a bit. However, after a few months, everything gradually stabilized. I know how to solve it if I have problems, so it is not too ‘extreme’ anymore. Not to mention, breaking up with my lover, then taking exams is terrible, family, friends and former colleagues are still far away, only communicating through chat lines, cross-continental skype calls. Most importantly, the dream of returning to meet ‘the ultimate wish’ has also disappeared a little while ago. And then there is a time the question that perhaps every normal student has ever thought through: whether this decision to go to Germany is right or wrong?

The actual answer is very simple, it’s just how I see the problem. There is a paradox in my dress that probably many old friends also see very well. From high school to the early years of college, I always dressed ‘as properly’ as possible. I have a well-dressed high school high school, I always have a white shirt with pants (10 years ahead of the marshal standard?). Going to college is no different except wearing more colored shirts and dark chinos, not to mention giving birth to the habit of wearing a blazer instead of a jacket. She was often teased by the girls in the class when coming to the lecture hall, “Is Duong going to ask his wife today?”. When it was time to go to work, when I came to Germany, I just like to wear casual casual as easy as possible. It sounds paradoxical, but in fact there is nothing difficult to understand, in the past, I just wanted to appear mature, considering getting old before my age was a compliment.

When I was born, I regretted my youth.

One saying that I did not like very much before, but when I graduated from school I often had to tell myself: “Some people die at 25 and aren tu buried until 75” by Benjamin Franklin. The feeling is just the same at work, but want to gather friends to invite friends to eat a hot pot to drink a beer cup, or to focus on playing a juicy boardgame session is terrible. It is always that one person is busy with work, the other asks to have a drink with the boss the day before. See you back and forth, moving from week to month and in the end, there is no complete meeting. After that, I feel sorry for the time billionaire student, I spend all day at home hugging my laptop, wasting my youth. Then I wish, if only I could go back in time …

Well, coming here to study abroad is not just to make yourself more mature, why not see it as an opportunity, like a Thanh Xuan photo shop in ‘You are my grandmother’, as the Rewind button of the magical remote in ‘Click’, being back in the carefree student days, living to the fullest, playing hard, loving wholeheartedly with youth again?

In class, I also have a group of close friends of about a dozen, mainly German and American (including a couple of Chinese with 1-2 who love to study, only when going to football or having a big party can I see a pretty face. ). The rest are sitting together in the lecture hall every day. After finishing the hot weather, I went to eat ice cream and drink beer. Having a break, we gather to barbecue, play soccer, watch movies, chat … I must say that they are very good, but also great when hitting friends. The EURO season is coming soon, the floods have set up a website to register for football betting together (for 5 euros haha), but the winnings are entirely based on what other people place (this period is all Learn about Game Theory, the app is here). Mai has an argument session tomorrow, you still have to sit and drink beer until night, and stay up until morning. There is of course no shortage of provisions on the heavens and the sea that add themselves, with the penalty calculated according to the number of beer mugs. They, of course, no one worried much about where the school will go, what to do, how the salary is, how to get married … There is only a blue sky on the early summer days, there are kids the friends around are willing to do all kinds of crazy tricks together, that’s enough.

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