The right age to enjoy beer?

I still remember the taste of beer when I first drank it as a child, because my impression of that taste hasn’t changed much until now. Pale, sour, bitter, cool… generally not as good as I imagined when dad and the doctors gulped from cup to cup. “I’d rather drink soft drinks like this”, I always thought that even though I have been able to drink a lot of beer since I have to drink soft drinks for Dad.

With that said, the beer taste for me is generally as bad as I was in the first day, but I’ve grown to like drinking beer. The reason is very simple, like a saying that I quite like in Nguoi Trong Giang Ho: “The more you roll out, the smaller the liver will be”, which means only those who ‘think you are not afraid of tigers’ risk their lives. Aggressive wants to get the number, but those who have had a lot of experience always want to be calm and gentle, of course, be as peaceful as possible. Just like us humans, the more we grow up, the narrower the heart is, the more difficult it is to contain thoughts that are difficult to express. Like I had a conversation with a brother the other day that now being away from home all day long alone, there are sad things I do not know who to tell. I don’t have a lover, my parents shouldn’t tell me because I’m afraid they are worried, and the siblings’ group ‘drinking’ doesn’t mean chatting or skype together. Listen to it just … shy, uncomfortable at all. Different from sitting right next to each other, shoulder to shoulder, drink, tell, tell and forget. Relieved.

Once I teased my classmates’ association here that, is it difficult for universities in Germany to give exams such a difficult test to increase beer sales, when the exam is over, they always drag each other to work a few bowls of beer to treat melancholy. . It is also true that Germans are not as cold as what is rumored to be, but for someone who is not fluent in German like me, Germans are quite difficult and difficult to get along with. But when you go to Oktoberfest, or any biergarten beer garden, you will only find those muscular, handsome guys laughing as loud as possible, dancing, shouting together like longtime friends. Many times, it is just that, so that we pamper our hearts, setting aside all life.

Writing this while preparing to return to Vietnam seems like an ‘open-ended’ sentence that doesn’t mean much haha. You can invite me to drink anything, coffee, iced tea, milk tea … I happily accepted and still prefer drinking to alcohol. But if you want to share a few endless stories, invite me to have a beer!

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