How to Get Away with Murder’s review (TV Series)

As I have said since The Flash, I am quite averse to superhero series (and movies) that try to do the dark Thriller, because it actually always feels “not coming”. After taking a break with the bright and soothing The Flash (true CW), I chose a thriller series on the subject of crime – the fertile land of Mexican cinema – and not disappointed at all. season 1 by How to Get Away with Murder (HtGAwM).

HtGAwM offers the classic, but also the most accurate, thriller experience in this concept, when there are no superheroes, no zombies…. only the righteous people and the cases overlap. The honesty is shown in the two main characters (the most): Annalize teacher and lawyer is an overweight middle-aged woman, and the Web student is just a super average student of color, is even a bit fuzzy. Even the people in court, they make unforgettable impressions but with completely normal looks, as if we can see them anywhere.

I will try to review the content to my liking as much as possible without any spoilers (the disaster with the thriller franchise). Episode 1 opens with a realistic flash-forward scene, where a group of four students (including the protagonist Web) are trying to mourn a murder in the middle of a university party. Then quickly went back to the beginning of the movie three months ago, when it all started. Each episode will be a case at a time in the past, and reveal more flash-forward scenes at the present time, for each member in the group.

The best part of the HtGAwM team of writers, to me, is not the clever integration of past and present, but placing the plots and twists at the most unexpected points. Like when you begin to get used to cases from the past slowly retreating to the present when a group of 4 students are mourning the body, the movie says “How about … fuck” and then jump straight into reality. Or in episode 9, when the timeline is complete and the whole episode is just repeating exactly what happened in the current flashforward scenes, boom, the end of the episode has a big twist. Or when you think “Everything is clear, now it must only revolve around the young couple falling in love and the group of friends helping each other get rid of each other”, there are a bunch of twists that pop up, making your thoughts continue. turn.

The last 10 minutes of episode 15 (the last episode of season 1) was actually my 10 most exciting suspense moments since watching TV series, when it opened a big knot, but made a dozen more buttons. Another tie at the last moment, making me want to… kill when I have to wait until September of this year to have season 2. The dense twist makes you can not trust anyone, when the character : whether tough and strong like Annalize, or a naive love of reason like the Web, or “little miss perfect” Michaela, or the typical “dabster” Asher … all have hidden corners, each has its own past. .

And are willing to commit murder crimes.

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