Fenhaligon’s Sartorial – The decent Anglican

It has been a while since I wrote about perfumes. On the occasion of the BREXIT bomb that exploded, accompanied by a drop of water when the England team had just been eliminated from Euro 2016 in the most debilitating way possible, I suddenly wanted to write about the Sartorial bottle of Penhaligon’s, as a way of salvaging. somewhat image of graceful and elegant Angels.

Penhaligon’s is a famous niche perfume company in the UK, with products that carry the iconic scent of this country. Sartorial is a typical example, as the name itself, inspired by Norton & Sons – a famous bespoke tailor shop on Savile Row (this name, the readers of the mann up must be in love with himhe) . Penhaligon’s also does not conceal its intention to make Sartorial a fragrance standard for ‘gentlemen’, using a classic gentleman structure in men’s fragrances – ‘Fougère’. Basically, the perfumes in the direction of ‘Fougère’ have a pretty heavy lavender scent when sprayed onto the skin, while the base when the drydown drops will mainly be the roots of the plants (like oakwood roots) and the sweet end. (like tonka beans). So, what difference does Sartorial make to this classic formula?

Honestly, I can’t feel like I’m in a bespoke tailor shop every time I use Sartorial, but like at a men’s barbershop – a genuine barbershop (pretty funny and amusing when Penhaligon’s itself also derived from a barbershop). As soon as she caught the skin, Sartorial stung my nose with a staggering scent of aldehydes, accompanied by the coolness of a fresh, sharp metal. A seemingly heavy chemical smell was familiar and surprisingly refreshing – the characteristic shaving foam of barbershop. With a little pungent push, I feel like ‘pure naked’, relaxing and sitting on the couch waiting for the barber to comfortably show his creativity. Through a rather strong and daring early stage, Sartorial calms down, becomes sweeter with lavender scent and warm, gentle tanning leather.

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