Namiya general store by Higashino Keigo

Higashino Keigo is one of my top favorites, at least among his works that have been published in Vietnam including Behind Nghi Can X, Naoko’s Secret, and Bach Da Hanh (I have each review this book in the blog). All of the above works have in common a sense of detective and spiritual obsession, but are always imbued with human love and many human philosophies. Namiya general store is the first time that Keigo dismisses the element of detective – which has led him to great success – to tell a story that, despite its fantastical fantasy, is also too ‘normal’. emotion.

The book begins with a group of three friends Atsuya, Shota and Kouhei after a stealing show and is fleeing in the middle of the night, staying in an abandoned house on the side of the road. That house actually happened to be “Namiya Grocery”, where more than 30 years ago the owner of the same name store used to advise and answer all the questions of others through handwritten letters. And our story also begins when three guys receive a letter from the doorway of someone with the pseudonym ‘Moonlit Rabbit’ in the past, needing advice on her troubled case. They initially intended to try writing replies to pass the time, but did not expect that the letters kept coming, and they did not expect that their honest, ‘messed-up’ advice could save the life. the recipient’s life, and their own life.

The problems in the story are extremely ordinary, from the students’ small words like “How to get 100 points without studying?” until the most difficult choices in life: whether you should be with your lover half a year or so you should actively train for the upcoming Olympics – both your dreams; Should we take over the family fish shop when our parents are old or weak or should we pursue our dream of music? … I believe any of us can more or less see the image. of yourself in the stories above, and cover yourself with Keigo’s humanistic lines.

There is almost nothing to blame in the Namiya general store, except that it’s… too short. It has been a long time since I had devoured a novel, and regretted the fact that the number of pages left was less and less. This is definitely a book that I would recommend all to read, because I believe it is strong enough to “shake the conscience” of the whole world, as what saved me. To conclude with a philosophy that I deeply appreciate in the book, when Mr. Namiya confided to his son, “After many years of reading letters for consultation, I have come to understand one thing. That is, in most cases, the counselor already has the answer. They ask for advice just want to confirm that is true. ”

It is also something I realized just before I flew back to Germany, while sitting iced tea with a familiar brother. A few years ago, I used to ask him for advice on romance, but this time telling the current sad love story, he just smirked, saying that I’ve always asked for advice, and then did as I want, so please advice for what. I also laughed sadly saying that in love story, myself is like a toddler so I follow instinct. He just told me that, before doing anything important, just repeat the three words “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance” …

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