Reflection Man – The fiddle is the ego

For a student who doesn’t have much money, niche fragrances are something I often tell myself not to love; Just like when you drive a Wave car, there are rarely more than a few hundred thousand in your pocket who want to flirt with a lady of the radio, which is quite meaningless. I had a rather accidental vial reflection when it was a gift, at the time, my fragrance knowledge was limited to designers and niches of affordable and somewhat popular houses like Diptyque. or Creed. The only thing I know about Amouage, is that everyone says it, the scent of this house is quite magical and somewhat obsessively mysterious.

Eagerly, I went home, took out the Reflection vial to try a shot on my wrist and then played Keane’s music, trying (pretending) to close my eyes to smell it. And the first emotion that touched my mind was a bit … panic: I couldn’t really smell any clear notes on my wrist, only a smell of pure white flowers on the background of a light wooden board and fragrant, accompanied by a hint of spiciness. When trying on fragrantica, I was surprised when the white flowers were simply orange flowers, jasmine flowers with a little rosemary auxiliary are quite simple: the scent of orange blossom is expressed in absolute purity and relaxation in Mugler Cologne. ; the smell of jasmine is familiar to every Vietnamese person; Rosemary scents are frequently used as a base in perfumes with floral notes. Yet I couldn’t smell it, and began to commend Amouage for making them so cleverly intertwined and worthy of the word “magic”. With a hint of spiciness (probably of Pimento), the woody scent of the base becomes more and more pronounced. And similar floral notes above are still sandalwood, cedar, but sometimes strange, sometimes confused, sometimes deeply understood as their own ego.
Your own ego, is that correct? In my writing on Facebook, there was a short section called Misreflection. In it, there is uncertainty about the understandable future of a senior like me. I grew up in a family where my paternal side worked mainly in business while the paternal side worked all about art, and as a result, I studied finance at the School of Economics, but especially liked to write, play music. I have both a romantic flight and a precise reason, as well as a “flower” and a “wood”. With that paradoxical and sometimes paradoxical complexity, I found some part of my ego reflected through Reflection.
In conclusion, I believe that perfumes on each person’s skin are different, partly reflecting their personalities. Just like when I smell Coco Mademoiselle when my mother uses it, there is a strong intensity, while the smell of a non-Vespa sister in a pink dress passing by is strangely seductive. It’s fun to say, but I really believe that when you like a perfume not for a specific note but like the sum of the scent in it, it’s a scent that most closely reflects your self, like me with Reflection. The last time I used this vial to go out, I took a girl home along the streets of Hanoi with the yellow light at night, I tried to ask her how she felt about this scent. She said it was difficult to describe, but there was something mysteriously special, like who I am.

Perhaps, that is the answer I like the most.

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