Alexandre III bridge (Paris)

Let’s talk about my trip to Paris this time. Surely it all ends up being a dissatisfaction. A small part due to the problem of accommodation, a larger part due to the bad weather in the first few days, the gray sky and the continuous rain … but I think the biggest reason was because of visiting the ‘love city’. While in the most crisis phase of the love story. Really.
It also has to do with why I just wanted a photo of the Pont Alexandre III bridge, because this is where the last scene of Midnight in Paris takes place. The protagonist Gil, after ending with both Inez – the girl contemplating being married in real life and Adriana – the girl in the fantasy of the ‘golden age’ of Paris, was walking leisurely on the Pont Alexandre III. , and reunited with Gabrielle — the girl in the second-hand store along the banks of the Seine. They recognize each other, greet each other and walk home together as the rain falls on Paris.
It is a happy ending, very ‘city-love-’. Broadly speaking, lead actor Owen Wilson – he is widely known as a comedian (considered in the Frat Pack group). But in 2007, there was a big shock news in the papers when he was taken to the emergency hospital after his suicide failed. Until then, people realized that this guy was not happy, carefree and crawled like his appearance. The following year, he and famous actor Kate Hudson split up, even though both were planning to get married. At the most crippling stage of his life like that, he played Midnight in Paris, only to have a new relationship after that. More or less is it because of the city of love?

And maybe I also wish for a miracle similar to Gil or Owen, happening to me, right here at the Pont Alexandre III bridge.

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