Passengers – The Journey of Youth (pt1)

Why is ‘Passengers’? Because I consider them to be all very special passengers, have traveled with me different journeys of life, and stepped down at different stops. There are short, long, happy, sad, unilateral, hun … but all contribute to who I am. And who knows, is someone waiting at the back station?

I will try to write in chronological order, so that I can see the growth in my emotions (or not). So the first girl was a friend from the same elementary school class at Dinh Tien Hoang, from grades 2 to 5.

The special thing is that during the first three years of studying together, I didn’t even pay attention to her, sometimes never even talked. Until 5th grade, I was like, “oh my god, how did I not realize that she was so beautiful a few years ago”. I was so shocked that when I got home, I pulled out the class 2, 3, and 4 summary photos, just to look back to see why I missed something so beautiful. But in truth, she looked very ordinary in those pictures, and almost completely transformed during her senior year. Up until now, I still can’t forget the image of her wearing jeans and a stylized white shirt (excuse me for not knowing the names of the women’s shirt styles). She looks mature, pristine and different from the other girls, from the guild wearing uniforms to look bored to the school every day dress like a rainbow of seven colors.

You know when you were in elementary school, the girls’ association was always older than boys of the same age, in every way. Anyway, at that age, no one would dare confess or confess. The only way, perhaps just trying to impress her as much as possible, but in the same class, especially the same team, there is probably nothing better than academic achievement. For me, grade 4 and grade 5 are the days of hard study and study in the city of Math and Literature exam team. I won first place in both years, but maybe that wasn’t enough to save a bad impression (at least I feel) of a time when my half-boarding friends escaped from school. to go play video games. She found out, she was walking home on the way home, saying something that seemed to be ringing in my ears at that time. That same afternoon, I was eliminated from the Tuoi Tho Math team, and after returning I got a hit, but what made me saddest was definitely the reason. Just that, the final year of high school just passed quietly. I still remember the closing ceremony before the class parted, I mustered up the courage to ask her:

– Have your parents decided to let you go to middle school yet?

– Yes, I will study Hong Bang. And Duong is sure about Tran Phu?

– Yeah, I guess so. So… goodbye.

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