Amouage Memoir: color of memories?

Memories are green

The first time I tried to spray Memoir on my hand, I was surprised that I didn’t think such a thoughtful-looking (and name) scent had started greenly. The very distinctive bluish scent of wormwood – in Vietnamese is the wormwood plant (due to the wormwood used in the making of Absinthe). Admittedly, this distinctive, disruptive green scent is incredibly addictive, just like an emerald-colored Absinthe shot. In addition, a little mint is also pushed to the nose, not creating a refreshing cool feeling, but blending with wormwood makes Memoir’s first scent has a fresh, fresh flavor.

Many people say that drinking Absinthe is more likely to cause visual hallucinations (in fact, somewhat correct), some people claim that the whole color of the scene turns green when drinking, others say seeing attachment. the green fairy is calling.

I also see her in a blue shirt, with her first day blue eyes, her memories are still green.

Memories are the deep color of a thousand wood
But, never the scent of Amouage is less “magic”, when you step foot deeper, is also the time when darkness comes, with the dense forest. The feeling of reaching out is to see a long, steady, moldy sandalwood body. There is sandalwood everywhere, but there’s also a hint of other woody notes I can’t name.

At that time, the memory was not green, but turned to low notes. The more intoxicated in Memoir, the more I absorb those low notes.

Memories are smoky, dissolve into nothingness
Unfortunately, the Memoir on my skin, despite living so long that it is painful, does not change much anymore, just sinks into a dream realm. But as the end, the more the sign of “dry” gradually, turning into a slightly smoky smell, sometimes like cigarette smoke, sometimes like burning incense.

The smoldering smell of smoke, not like when I burned the entire forest above, but as if I radiated myself from the flesh.

From our own heart.

Tonight is getting cold, I use Memoir, and write on her, the only place I haven’t blocked away: “To be honest, I’m missing you like crazy.” The writing only came from extreme loneliness, I did not expect an answer, knowing that her answer now, is only light, like a passing smoke, like a memory of a haunted time. image.

P / S: In the guild there was a brother, the day he tried Memoir on his arm, when the smell subsided, he smelled a strange bit of fat. That’s why I believe, whatever’s recollection, when using Memoir, you can paint the same colors.

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