“The 3rd Love Letter” song by Tan Minh

If there is one thing I feel that the more I live more, the more permissive it would be ‘single-hearted disaster’, bad things never happen in isolation. Today, when I just started to find a new home, I happened to know that you have a new lover. It’s not a strange name either, a ‘co-worker ‘has been chasing me as crudely as possible ever since we were still in love, and we both don’t care about him. To me, there is nothing to worry about a guy who lives temporarily indiscriminately like a pig and takes a few pictures of a bar on the floor of the village youth, frankly not arrogant at all.

I’m not too surprised by the fact that she has a new lover (although the last time she talked after breaking up a couple of months ago, she said that she had no mind to love), maybe because she found her lack of love again, Or simply to deal with sex needs. But I did not expect this to hurt me so much, even though I was the one who said goodbye and seemed to have completely moved on. You deserve someone who is even a few times better than me, not a bastard like that. As in the previous blog I wrote about you, I always believe you will become a lover, a wonderful wife for those who are lucky; And a guy like that doesn’t deserve it at all and won’t be able to bring you happiness. I even thought about wanting to get back to you, just to make sure you at least don’t have to stick to that kind of thing anymore.

Someone once asked me, why read my writings about girls who have passed their lives, and everyone is so beautiful and beautiful? I have always thought that liking a girl is very simple, just being pretty with a good personality and a bad personality is not enough, and I cannot count the girls I have liked in my whole life. But love is much more difficult, love can not say anything of the next days, months, the following year. However, when I fell in love with a girl, I thought to myself that I would definitely love her for the rest of my life.

I am so, unable to understand a basic principle of life: you accept new people into your life, you must also come out. I always want to keep all the relationships that I think are good: friends, colleagues, relatives. I always feel sad whenever I have to say goodbye to an old colleague, or realize it’s been a while since I had no opportunity to talk to an old friend. But every time life turns to a new page, it also means that the circle gets bigger, and I don’t want anyone out. I fear that I am like Cardinal Montanelli in ‘Buffalo Flies’, when my heart swells up too big and bursts with nothing but death.

At 3 am I am sitting here writing these lines and thinking about you, skipping the party and the poker club still in the kitchen. Today is the first day of spring, but I still want to keep the best memories of the person who walked through Hanoi’s winter in my heart. In the album ‘The third love letter’ of Tan Minh, I played the song ‘Dear winters’ again and again and sang softly:

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