LOLITA – A diary of Humbert

I read “Lolita” 2 years ago, when I was 19 years old, the translation of Duong Tuong. In the summer of last year, I read the heated debate in the literature about “Lolita” and then a series of specific evidence of wrong Duong Tuong has translated and directed a lot of footnotes in a book. I was shocked, because we need more than one year, there are many sentences in the translation of Duong Tuong follow me, follow me growing up. Shake off the habit is one of the most difficult things in life. I was determined to read the first “Lolita” author’s translation Thien Luong on wordpress pseudonym, please forgive me because I have not enough time, patience and the ability to read “Lolita” to feel the original English getting all great style, outstanding by Vladimir Nabokov.

The story revolves around the thwarted love of Humbert and Lolita girl. Humbert has no currency came from a wealthy family and intellectuals. However, he had a common interest is their passion and love ual desire with age girl growing up as he describes himself: “It is both the artist, both as a madman, a mystery man late immense, with a bubble of hot poison in Exercise hard and wild fires are flaming red in the spinal cord. ” But not enough, the little girl had to exuding the smell “nymphet” (we can call it the state requirements, sub-goddess) features, without the beautiful, do not polished. “Because no other pleasures on earth comparable to caress nymphet pleasure. It is hor concours, his pleasures, it belongs to another level, on a different plane of emotions “. Lolita is the daughter of the owner of the house that rented in the town of Ramsdale Humbert, Ms. Charlotte Haze. Later, with the aim to be near Lolita, Humbert has decided to Charlotte and then not long after, he was his wife discovered the dark intentions with Lolita in the diary. Then the death is foreseen as Charlotte Humbert mind.

Since that moment, he automatically be playing the “stepfather” to wear jewelry “enjoyment” Kids Lo. Naturally the affair did not come from one side. Lolita 12 years old girl, are in the period of puberty rambutan session, fiery vitality, curiosity lovemaking, also took advantage of the fool to put rent Humbert sensuality. However, the erotic self Humbert commented that is was dirty and his miserable then also have to end when she left him Lo, a man followed another mysterious character haunting throughout novel: Quilty. The last image in the minds of her belly Humbert is uncouth to crack all stretch smooth skin with pink fluffy cloud of Lo beatiful ago. And the ending is pushing developments culminated when Humbert implementation plan Quilty shot.

Lo Humbert love it? Neck. A sensual kind of love, guilt as he confessed: “Despite the rift between us, despite her difficult personality, in spite of everything trash talking and she grimaced features express , despite the rude, the danger, the terrible despair of all that, I still immersed in the paradise I chose – a paradise where the sky is glowing colors of hell fire – but it is paradise. ” He loved acceptable level Lo to suffer as her physiological advantage, accepted the job left unfinished, become hostage willing to kneel down to beg her legs the tenderness. Lolita Humbert never knew love him, but what hurt him more than it is to even her body, he could not afford to keep.

Readers will travel along Humbert and Lolita length of the country, in the endless journey tourist couple sins. Readers will witness scenes cry smile between stepchild and stepfather. I’m sure your heart will also beat arrhythmia in scenes depicting the rain clouds Nabokov, Humbert and Lolita’s lovemaking. If on the other hand a writer Vladimir Nabokov not named, Humbert would like a child predators, lewd demon and she will be assigned the label Lolita spongy cheap slut. But the sophistication of Nabokov’s style gurus have given me and so many generations of readers than five decades ago by emotion, curiosity about people, nature of Humbert. Above all, he is miserable, lonely to the extreme in the troubled inner world, his sickness. Nabokov gives us the thoughts, feel better multidimensional human beings in extraordinary circumstances, such as Humbert, as Haze, like Lolita.

Any negligence any, even the smallest of reading or feel “Lolita” are to blame, rather you do not read it, do not even know it. Volume feelings, information, creativity Nabokov for “Lolita” true giant in the literature though, I still think that people associate with “Lolita” of the label as “erotic novel”, “sensitive movie”,” modern erotic literature “etc. However, as in the introduction to the novel, the main Nabokov asserted: “Some technical at the beginning Lolita (say, like” Diary of Humbert “) makes some readers my first mistake that they will be reading a book pornography. They expect to increase the chain erotic scenes; when these things stop, readers stop reading altogether, and bored disappointed “. With Nabokov, now “Lolita” is not only a name, but also a noun, an adjective.

Despite the controversy did not back off, why do not we open our hearts and to feelings reeled in his beautifully written pages. For me, now, or even later, is unlikely to have any sentence vivid, realistic and dreamy than what Nabokov novel opened his transcendent:

“Lolita, light of my life, fire of my heart fitness. My mistake, my soul, Lo-li-ta: the tongue surfing three steps down the palate to tap, at step three, on the teeth. Worry. Li. Dozen. She was Lo, plain Lo, in the morning, standing four feet ten inches tall, take a sock. She was Lola to wear trousers. She was Dolly at school. She was Dolores on the filling line name. But in my arms she was always Lolita. “

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  2. Klædeskabet var faktisk ved at eksplodere, Madame :-)Jeg er ved at male, og da klædeskabet blev hevet ud på gulvet, så vi at en del af bagbeklædningen havde løsrevet sig fra skabet.Nej, skotøjsæskerne er ikke mine. De dukkede op på nettet, da jeg søgte på opaebaringskvsser til sko.

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